Visiting Jerusalem? Make this visit in Jerusalem even more meaningful and include a Green Pilgrimage activity in your tour plan! Our lectures and seminars are intended for pilgrims, tour operators, tour guides, and the general public. It is a great activity to be included in pilgrimage / touristic packages, educational programs, and more. Contact us to know more


In our basic 2 hours lecture, your group will hear about Green Pilgrimage philosophy and how each person can make a change in his own pilgrimage, in the city and sites that he visits, and in his home town.

Our lectures can be easily integrated into your tour plan, also during breakfast or dinner, and can be adapted to different group sizes. Contact us to know more


Our 1 day seminar can be easily integrated in your tour plan. The seminar includes a lecture, discussion groups and an outdoor activity. Our seminars are focused on one or more of the following topics:

  • “Find Green Pilgrimage in your biblical sources”
  • “Positive Footprint – make your pilgrimage and your life more sustainable”
  • “Green Innovation – Green entrepreneurship in Israel”

Contact us to know more