Green Pilgrims care about the places they visit, as well as their own communities.

Take a proactive approach in improving our environment: Raise awareness to Bio Diversity and sustainability and integrate the Green Pilgrimage philosophy to the way you travel and live your life.

This is not as complicated as it may seem!

For example, in Jerusalem alone, there are today more than 50 community gardens. These gardens are maintained by volunteers and are a venue for many community activities. They also allow the kids to learn how to do gardening, how to compost and see how exciting nature can be!

ירושלים - בוסתן ברוריה 

Contact us if you want to visit one of Jerusalem’s community gardens during your pilgrimage to the Holy Land!

Check our great Green Roofs facebook page for easy-to-make green stuff at your home and in your community.

Check Green Roofs and Living Walls in Jerusalem, our green community based project. So far we planted in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem Old City (in Saha Square and in Jabshe Street and began the first part of the Christian Quarter Street’s arches). This part of the project is made in cooperation with the Committee of the Christian Quarter and the residents, who all volunteer to promote this inspiring initiative.

We wish to expand and green all the arches of the Christian Quarter Street and beyond. This beautiful long street is full of shops and commerce and is an important pathway for many pilgrims and residents. Greening all its arches will make it a unique site in the Old City.

Contact us if you would like to support this project!

Green Roofs- Green Pilgrimage Green Roofs- Green Pilgrimage