So.. what is Bio Diversity?

Bio Diversity is.. everything!

Or to be more precise,

Bio Diversity is the variety of life on earth

The number of species of plants, animals, and microorganisms, the enormous diversity of genes in these species, the different ecosystems on the planet, such as deserts, rainforests and coral reefs are all part of a biologically diverse Earth.

Appropriate conservation and sustainable development strategies attempt to recognize this as being integral to any approach to preserving biodiversity. Almost all cultures have their roots in our biological diversity in some way or form.

Declining biodiversity is therefore a concern for many reasons!

Biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity where each species, no matter how small, all have an important role to play:

  • A larger number of plant species means a greater variety of crops
  • Greater species diversity ensures natural sustainability for all life forms
  • Healthy ecosystems can better withstand and recover from a variety of disasters.


A healthy biodiversity provides natural services for everyone such as:

Ecosystem services:

Protection of water resources, Soils formation and protection, Nutrient storage and recycling, Pollution breakdown and absorption, Contribution to climate stability, Maintenance of ecosystems, Recovery from unpredictable events

Biological resources:

Food, Medicinal resources and pharmaceutical drugs, Wood products, Ornamental plants, Breeding stocks, population reservoirs, Future resources, Diversity in genes, species and ecosystems

Social benefits:

Research, education and monitoring, Recreation and tourism, Cultural values

What you can do

Green Pilgrims care about the places they visit, as well as their own communities. Raising awareness to these topics and taking a proactive approach in improving our environment can be translated to many types of actions.

For example, in Jerusalem alone, there are today more than 50 community gardens. These gardens are maintained by volunteers and are a venue for many community activities. They also allow the kids to learn how to do gardening, how to compost and see how exciting nature can be!

Contact us to know more about the green locations and projects in Jerusalem. You can also volunteer in or support our green initiatives in the Holy Land, which are all community and environmentally focused.

Watch this great video about Bio Diversity (made by Slow Food):