in April 2013,  The First International Jerusalem Symposium on Green & Accessible Pilgrimage took place in Jerusalem:

In April 2013,  Jerusalem welcomed over 600 entrepreneurs, innovators, and faith and community leaders, who share the goal of treasuring our heritage whilst moving into a greener future.
The Symposium, hosted by Green Pilgrim Jerusalem, showcased and shared Jerusalem’s strategies to:

  • Achieve sustained urban, economic and social development
  • Create successful, equitable sharing of the public domain
  • Stimulate eco-tourism and inspirational, spiritual experiences

It  provided a unique, opportunity for networking, dialogue and peer exchange. At the Symposium, the City of Jerusalem  revealed to the world how it is working to create an innovative, hospitable and accessible environment for visitors and residents alike, and celebrated the status of Jerusalem in the world as a unique spiritual destination, offering unforgettable experiences to its visitors.

Symposium Program

Symposium’s result:  “Framework of Principles for Green and Accessible Pilgrimage”



Information about the next Green Pilgrimage Conference will be coming up soon !