Faith In The Public Domain – Akko Convention

Time: 19/11/15 13:00-14:30
Location: El Jazar Mosqe, Akko, Israel

Participants: Sheikh Samir Aasi (Imam of Akko), Rabbi Yoseph Yashar (Main Rabbi of Akko), Father Russ McDougall (Rector of Tantur Institute) and many others

At the Akko Convention on Urbanism discussions centered on all aspects of city life – planning, culture, welfare and many other areas. In modern cities, within the context of a democratic and free society, we can encounter diverse faith communities alongside each other.

How can we place the challenge of establishing mutual respect in the public domain on the urban agenda?
In Akko the leaders of the faith communities have laid special emphasis on integrating the values of openness, understanding and respect into their communal life.

At this special event thay shared Akko’s unique recipe, and talked about the in-depth work they do individually and together, in order to explain to the youth and the wider community the importance of feeling and demonstrating repect for others, both for their culture and their faith.

At this event a countrywide forum was launched, examining the interface between many faiths, around the theme of pilgrimage. Moreover, this forum addressed interfaith encounters in Israel , which provide an opportunity to advance sustainable and responsible tourism, around the theme of trails and sites of spiritual importance on the one hand, while hoping to reach out to the many faith communities around the world for whom there are so many spiritual destinations throughout the Holy Land.