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We seek additional funding to make Jerusalem, the Holy Land and beyond – greener, cleaner and healthier for residents and pilgrims alike. Help us make it happen. Click here to read more about our initiatives

You can also volunteer! During your volunteering, you’ll have a unique opportunity to be acquainted with local communities and pilgrims in Jerusalem and the Holy Land, to learn and acquire professional experience and to take part in making a change and helping those in need. Click here for more info!

To donate to Green Pilgrimage initiatives, please see all details below. Please specify if you wish to donate to a specific initiative and mention which one.

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Please write the check to:
“Saint Lazaros Israel (registered Amuta)”
and write “for the benefit of Green Pilgrimage” in the memo line.

Please send the check to:
Saint Lazare Holy Land,
P.O Box 1686, Jerusalem 9101602

Donate through wire transfer:

Name of the account: “Saint Lazaros Israel (registered Amuta)”
Name of bank: Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd​
Account number: 127209
Branch number: 654
Bank Address: 103, Allenby St​, Tel Aviv,​​​ 61012, ISRAEL

For international transfers:
IBAN: IL36-0176-5400-0006-7543-59

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Saint Lazare Holy Land – Green Pilgrimage
Address: P.O Box 1686, Jerusalem 9101602
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