We aspire to a world in which:

  • Pilgrim and world travelers prepare for their journeys with the understanding that it is the responsibility of each individual traveler to leave a positive footprint
  • Pilgrim travelers and eco-friendly tourists are welcomed in their destination cities and sites
  • Pilgrim cities and sites invest in infrastructure which ensures conservation of natural and historic resources
  • There is equity and accessibility along pilgrim routes and throughout the public domain
  • Pilgrims strengthen the local economies of their destinations
  • Each city and site develops an ethical code for conduct in the public domain
  • Faith leaders and communities are active stakeholders in greening both pilgrim journeys and pilgrim destinations

What we do to make it happen:

  • We reach out to the world’s pilgrims, offering information tools about sustainable travel
  • We promote equity in the public domain through development of an ethical code
  • We strengthen the interface between pilgrims and the local economies of their destinations
  • We build partnerships with NGOs, foundations, businesses, hotels, and local and national government authorities
  • We initiate forums for dialogue among faith communities
  • We hold intercultural events around the world and present our ideas at international conferences
  • We contribute planning expertise in and around pilgrimage destinations
  • We integrate sustainability into the hospitality industry