The goal of Green Pilgrimage is to green both pilgrims’ journeys and their destination cities and sites, as well as to impact their individual and community lifestyles after returning home. The change of lifestyle will be a result of careful pre-pilgrimage preparation and will be inspired by their physical and cultural experience along the route. Green Pilgrimage engages spiritual destinations around the world, together with faith communities. The stakeholders are the pilgrims themselves, faith communities, holy cities and sites, academia, businesses and non-profit organizations.

Green pilgrims will strive to leave a Positive Footprint, based on a mindset created during the preparation for their journey. Holy sites and cities can seize the opportunity to strengthen their local economies, engage diverse communities in the dialogue of hospitality, and focus not only on the pilgrims’ spiritual experience, but also on cultural and social interactions along the route.


Naomi Tsur, Vice President of Saint Lazare Holy Land, initiated the Green Pilgrimage concept, and is the founder and leader of the “Green Pilgrim Jerusalem” initiative. While serving as Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Tsur hosted The First International Jerusalem Symposium on Green and Accessible Pilgrimage at the Jerusalem International YMCA in 2013. One important outcome of the symposium was the understanding that Green Pilgrim Jerusalem and the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem share common goals, and therefore decided to join forces and work together within the framework of Saint Lazare Holy Land.

For Jerusalem, a city holy to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, Green Pilgrimage offers a platform for dialogue, understanding, and mutual respect. WE invite YOU to view Jerusalem as a meeting place for the faith communities of the world just as Jerusalem’s parks, gardens and springs offer hospitality to the half billion birds who pass through Jerusalem twice a year on their migration route. Let our human footprint be as positive as that of the birds.

We invite you all to become ambassadors of Green Pilgrimage by joining us in this exciting and proactive journey

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