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What is our main goal

To green pilgrims’ journeys and destination cities and sites and impact pilgrims’ individual and community lifestyles after returning home.
We are all responsible for the impact we have on the environment, culture and economy of the holy cities and sites we visit. Let’s make pilgrimage greener, cleaner and healthier, and leave a positive footprint

What Green Pilgrims do
  • Focus on the spiritual, cultural and social experience along the route
  • Engage diverse communities in a dialogue of hospitality
  • Strengthen local economies
  • Leave a positive footprint

What we do


We foster DIALOGUE among pilgrim cities, faith communities and environmental organizations


We organize conferences, seminars and workshops in which representatives of the cities and the faith communities MEET, SHARE and LEARN from each other


We provide INFORMATION about the principles of sustainable travel, green faith sources, environment and nature, the Pilgrim Footprint


We work in JERUSALEM and throughout the HOLY LAND, while seeking partnerships AROUND THE WORLD

What you can do

Learn about Green Pilgrimage and Green Ethics in your faith and in other faiths


See how you can become a Green Pilgrim and get to know the Green Pilgrim Ladder

Become green pilgrims

Support our initiatives and help us make pilgrimage greener, cleaner and healthier




Learn about Green Pilgrimage and slow tourism, get to know the swifts, learn about pilgrimage in your faith and in other faiths, learn how to respect nature and how to leave a Positive Footprint , and more!

“The idea is at once both grand and simple, since while there is nothing new in pilgrimage, the idea of a global pilgrim partnership is an entirely new concept, which sets goals for urban sustainability and economic growth on the one hand, and for interfaith dialogue on the other” (Naomi Tsur).